Our Days Out

One of our other great loves is going out to various places around Devon and Cornwall on day-trips. Below is a list of the places we have visited along with photos and a short history of the place.

Located: Just outside Totnes, Devon.
Regularly cited as one of, if not the, most haunted castles in Britain, Berry Pomeroy has innumerable paranormal legends and tales surrounding it.

Located: Bodmin, Cornwall.
One of the most oppressive and dismal buildings in Cornwall. With a long, dark and grizzly history Bodmin Jail it's only natural that we'd want to go and check it out...

Located: Churston, Devon.
There have been many a tale of unusual goings-on at Churston Woods, and on our recent day out there we stumbled across something rather unusual...

Located: Just off from Torquay, Devon.
Cockington is a beautiful, picture-postcardesque village just off from Torquay that Hidden Realms decided to visit for the day due to an experience that group member Kim once had in the church.

Located: Just outside Looe, Cornwall
Just off the B3254 is Cornwalls smallest stone circle. Very easy to get too and has some great views!

Located: North-West from Penzance, Cornwall
Situated deep down in Western Cornwall, Lanyon Quoit is the best known quoit in Cornwall and is believed to be the buriel chamber of a long mound.

Located: North of Teignmouth, Devon.
Lidwell Chapel was built in the 13th century and is the site of one of Devon's most gruesome legends. It was home to what was perhaps Britain's first ever serial killer.

Located: Torquay, Devon.
Hidden away in Chapel Woods in Torquay is a small, medieval chapel hidden within the trees...

Located: Ilfracombe, Devon.
St. Nicholas Chapel is a small, 14th century chapel in the small Devon town of Ilfracombe. Mike went to visit it during his holiday there...

Located: Looe, Cornwall
Just off the beach at Looe there's a small cut into the rock. On the outside it looks pretty harmless, but inside holds part of the great Smuggling history story!

Located: Totnes, Devon.
Standing high above the small town of Totnes is Totnes Castle. With the earliest parts of the castle dating back to 1100, it is one of the best preserved shell keeps of a Motte and Bailey castle in the country.