Evidence Gallery
Below is a selection of interesting phenomena that we have captured either on investigations or in our own spare time. We do not state by showing these that they are totally paranorm
al but rather things that need more discussion to try and determine possible origins. We hope to solve a few mysteries by doing so. Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger image along with a more detailed writeup. Although we cannot explain what is being documented here, we can undeniably confirm that none of the following have been tampered with, altered or manipulated with in any way unless where explicitly described.

Scuffing Sound Captured on Camera
During the second night of our investigation at the Lord Nelson Pub in Kingskerswell the group were just getting ready for the evening. As Mike and Chris discuss the night ahead a scuffing noise is captured by the locked-off camera.
Very Unusual Anomaly Captured at Lupton House
During the groups overnight stay at Lupton House on May 29th, Mike set his camera - which was left recording - on a table in the Entrance Hall whilst everyone had a short break. Later, when reviewing the footage, this was discovered.

Strange Whistling Sound
During an early walk-around by the group during one investigation of Lupton House, they were making their way downstairs when they heard a strange whistling sound.

But all was not what it seemed...

Lights Within the Trees
During an early investigation at Lupton House we focused our attention to the 'Folly', a small, derelict cottage within the vicinity of the mansion. During the investigation Mike, Pete and Chris went out with the intention of walking around to the old stable area because of previous feelings that have been picked up around there. This is what was captured on video.


Audio Response?
As Mike was testing out a new piece of equipment he had recently bought - an Olympus 2100PC Digital Audio Recorder - he decided to leave it running in his home, mainly to test the battery power and quality. The first night weilded some interesting results so Mike did it a second time, this time asking out for a specific word to be spoken. This is what was recorded...
An Unfriendly Warning?
During an early investigation at Lupton House a camcorder was left focused on the talc on lino experiment. However, when this video was reviewed, although it had recorded nothing visually of any importance, it had captured something audibly. And it wasn't nice...
Knocks and Bangs at St. Clether's Chapel
After an initial visit to St. Clether's Chapel in Cornwall a digital recorder was left as the group went to have dinner before the investigation started. When this recording was played back it contained some very unusual sounds...


Face in the TV?
In 2006, whilst Mike was looking around an allegedly haunted location in Devon, he took the following photograph with a Fujifilm Finepix 2200 digital camera. Although pretty much every other photo taken at the time was empty, this one raised some interesting questions...
Figure in the Window
This photo was taken back in 2002 by Mike on a Fujifilm Finepix 2200 digital camera. Although all of the other photos he had taken had nothing unusual in them, he was surprised to see what appeared to be a figure in the window.
Bright Orb?
Taken back in 2002 on a Fujifilm Finepix 2200 digital camera, Mike was taking random photos of the family pet when this suddenly appeared in one of the photos. Could this be one of the clearest orb photos ever taken?
Swirling Red Image
This photo was taken on March 13th 2007 by Kim during our day out at Cockington. In this particular photo a swirling red image can be seen that cannot be explained...
Eye in the Garden?
In 1998 on the Isle of Sheppey Kim took a quick photo of her back garden to use up the roll of film that was in her camera at the time. However, upon reviewing the photo when it was developed, what looked like an eye and part of a face appeared to be staring back at the camera...
Bright, blue orb
During a recent day visit to the St. Clether Holy Well in Launceston a number of photos were taken of the chapen and its beautiful surroundings. One photo of the altar that was taken appears to show a bright blue orb...
Swirling Mist
This photo was recently given to us by Vanda, the owner of the St. Clether Holy Well and Chapel (we spent the night there. Click HERE to read the report). During our day visit there she showed us this following photo that showed a swirling white mist captured in the chapel...
Red Swirl Above Grave
Taken on a recent holiday in Greece, Chris spotted this unusual red mist above one of the stones in a local graveyard.
Black Shadow at the Door
During an investigation at the George Inn in Blackawton Mike was going around with a film camera to take random photos. When the photos came back all of them had nothing special except for one...
Interesting Light
No, not your usual 'orb' photo here. This is an interesting sphere of multi-colour that was captured during a visit to the ABC / Reel Cinema in Plymouth.