False Positives

During our time out on investigations we have captured phenomenan which, either at the time or afterwards, has managed to be adequately explained rationally. Below is a collection of some of these instances. We hope that they can be used as the learning tool they are intended for.

EMF Meter Goes Haywire
During time spent up in the Folly at Lupton House, two members were asking for out a sign when the EMF member in Mike's bag went haywire. After initially thinking that we had captured something interesting, a rational possibility was put forward. Remember folks, ALWAYS keep your mobile phones turned off during an investigation.


Thick Mist
During a particularly cold investigation, Mike decided to take a photo of his breath for comparison purposes, and this is what he captured.
'Figures' On the Road
On a night out visiting a number of spooky locations Mike took this photograph. Are the white, misty shapes that appear on the side of the road anything paranormal? Sadly not...
Lens Flare
Even taken a photograph at random and captured a big, colourful shape in front of you? Spooky? Maybe. Paranormal? No...