Previous Investigations

Below is a last of past locations we have investigated. Click on the photo to read our report detailing history, background, ensuing investigation and any evidence that was collected during our stay.

The Lord Nelson Pub, Kingskerswell
Dates Investigated: February 12th, 2007 and February 26th, 2007
Every village has a local pub, and Kingskerswell, in Devon, is no exception. With a history that dates back over 150 years the building has seen quite a bit of history during its time and the workers there have many tales of supernatural occurances and sightings. What did Hidden Realms discover during their investigation there? Click on the photo to find out.
Report Status: Finished and Online

The BOADs Rehearsal Hall, Brixham
Date Investigated: March 5th, 2007
Although this small building is now currently owned by BOADs (Brixham Operatic And Dramatics Society) for their rehearsals, the building dates back much earlier, and history for it can be found as far back at the beginning of the 1900's. A very interesting little place to investigate with many stories to be told within its walls.
Report Status: Finished and Online

Lupton House, Churston
Dates Investigated: March 28th, 2007 and April 3rd, 15th and 21st, 2007
On March 12th, 2005 Lupton House became well-known after it was used for an investigation by the Most Haunted crew during their Most Haunted Live weekend down in Brixham. Lupton House is an abandoned Georgian mansion hidden deep within the fields outside Brixham that has stood empty since 2002, and since Most Haunted no other paranormal group to our knowledge have been allowed to conduct an investigation there. Until now...

With a colourful history of over 230 years and an absolutely huge internal structure of winding passageways, long corridors and a deep, stone cellar it seemed only inevitable that something would be captured during our overnight stay at Lupton House...
Report Status: Check out our Lupton page dedicated solely for this wonderful building.

The George Inn, Blackawton
Date Investigated: June 12th, 2007
In the sleepy little village of Blackawton there's a pub called the George Inn. Dating back many years and seeing a lot of history, the pub has many a paranormal story to tell with numerous stories of poltergeist activity and apparition sightings.

What would Hidden Realms discover during their time spent in this wonderful place?
Report Status: Finished and Online

St. Clether's Holy Chapel
Date investigated: July 10th, 2007
Hidden deeply away in the tiny Cornish village of St. Clether stands one of the largest holy wells in the county. During it's lifespan of over half a millenium (which has seen disrepair and full restoration twice) it must have seen so much history, so much emotion, so many stories.

Set in a beautiful area of totally unspoiled scenary, Hidden Realms spent some time at both the chapel and in the grounds of the nearby church. What was caught? Read the report...
Report Status: Finished and Online

The Spanish Barn, Torquay
Date Investigated: 28th August, 2007
With a history dating back nearly a thousand years, Torre Abbey and the Spanish Barn have seen almost a millennia of history - the barn in particular witnessing death and imprisonment. Built way back in 1196, what secrets would it offer when Hidden Realms spent the night there?

A fruitful investigation!
Report Status: Finished and Online

The Cottage Hotel, Brixham
Date Investigated: 6th October, 2007
Reportedly standing for over 300 years, The Cottage Hotel stands ominiously at the bottom of Windmill Hill looking out over the town. Hidden Realms were given the opportunity to be the first and last invstigative group to be allowed in to thi
s wonderful building as it is about to undergo extensive rebuilding.

Stories have been reported, but will Hidden Realms pick up on anything during our time there?
Report Status: Currently being written.

The Palace Theatre, Paignton
Investigated: 20th October, 2007
On the 20th October, 2007 the Palace Theatre in Paignton opened it's doors to welcome Hidden Realms for their first 'Haunted Heritage Night of Fright' - an open investigation for all to join to raise money for the 'Friends of Palace Theatre' charity. From 9.30pm right on until 6am the whole night was there to see if anything spooky would be experienced in one of Torbay's oldest theatres!

The ABC / Reel Cinema, Plymouth
Date Investigated: 17th November, 2007
After a fire at the old Theatre Royal in the late 1930's, the ABC / Reel Cinema was born. Since then it has lived on and, today, is one of Plymouths oldest buildings. What will happen when Hidden Realms spends the night in this amazing building...?

Report Status: Finished and Online

Oldway Mansion
Investigated: 8th December, 2007
Oldway Mansion is one of the few 'hidden delights' tucked away on the outskirts of Paignton. Built in 1875 it was the original home of the Singer family who made their name and fortune in sewing machines. The history that this building has seen is immense in its relatively short life, from lost love to wartime hospital.

Hidden Realms were honoured to be able to host our second 'Haunted Heritage Night of Fright' at this fabulous building and what we all lacked in time there we more than made up for in activity. Trigger objects moving, sensations, sounds, and the coin incident!

Churston Woods
Investigated: 27th February, 2008
Dating back over 400 years, Churston Woods must have seen a lot of life as Torbay developed around it. Past tales of strange creatures and an unwelcome visitor making his presence known during an overnight camping at nearby Seven Quarries told us that there was something down in those woods that could give us a big surprise. If we met it, however, was a different story.

Report Status: Finished and Online

Totnes Museum
Investigated: 12th April, 2008
With a history over nearly half a millenium, Totnes Museum is one of the finest Elizabethan buildings still standing today. With a varied history and a lot of stories to tell, Hidden Realms were honoured to have been given the chance to spend some time in this charming place to see if any residents from the past wanted to make their presence known.

Report Status: Finished and Online

Slapton Sands
Investigated: April 28th, 2008
Shortly after midnight on 28 April 1944, nine German torpedo boats moved into Lyme Bay, along the southern coast of England at Slapton Sands. Drawn in by heavier than normal radio traffic, they suddenly found themselves caught up in the midst of Operation Tiger- one of several amphibious exercises secretly being conducted by the Allies in preparation for the Normandy Landing. In minutes the German torpedoes hit their mark. One LST (landing ship, tank) was seriously crippled. Another burst into flames trapping many of the victims below deck and a third sank immediately, sending hundreds of U.S. soldiers and sailors to a watery grave. It was the costliest training exercise in all of World War II. As the bodies washed ashore in days ahead, the official count rose to 749. Would Hidden Realms encounter anything on the anniversary of this tragedy?

Report Status: Finished and Online!

Jay's Grave
Investigated: May 25th, 2008
Jay's Grave is probably Dartmoors most interesting legend. It has it all - an unfortunate story, a tragic death and a legend of haunting. Following the extremely positive experience of a past investigation there by a friend of the group, Chris and Mike decided to venture up there on their next endeavour to see if anything similar would occur...

Report Status: Finished and Online!

The Ring o'Bells Pub
Investigated: 27th May, 2008
On the upper part of Dartmoor is a small village named Chagford, a charming village but not without its spooky tales. The Ring o'Bells Pub has its fair share of paranormal tales from poltergeists to the 'presense' in one of the bedrooms. What story would be unwoven during the group's night in the building, and what exactly did Mike capture on his audio recorder...?

Report Status: Finished and Online!

Richhill Castle
Investigatied: 17th July, 2008
Hidden Realms were lucky enough to be able to join the Northern Ireland Paranormal Society (NIPS) to investigate this fine building in Northern Ireland. Built in 1664 is it thought that the building was the first house in Ulster not designed for defensive purposes. What would happen as we explored this wonderful location...?

Report Status: Finished and Online!

Totnes Guildhall
Investigated: 22nd July, 2008
Hidden away just off from the main street of Totnes lies the Guild Hall. Originally a Priory, the current building is the second Guild Hall of Totnes and was in use from 1553 when Edward VI gave Totnes a charter authorising the re-use of a former Priory building (founded 1088) as a Guildhall and schools. In 1624 the building was converted to a Magistrates court and was in use right up until 1974. With a building with such history and significance could the place be haunted? That's what we went to find out when we spent the night at Totnes Guildhall.

Report Status: Finished and Online!

ABC / Reel Cimena
Investigated 19th August, 2008
After an enjoyable and interesting first investigation at this remarkable Plymouth location (first investigation write-up can be found here, Hidden Realms were delighted to be invited back to embark upon a second investigation there. This time the group invited C.O.T.C along for a joint investigation.

Dartington Cider Press
Investigated: November, 2008 (including two Ghost Walks on 3rd and 10th December, 2008)
Investigated prior to the GhostWalks that we lead around the location during December, 2008. A fascinating place with centuries of history and plenty of spooky stories. What did Hidden Realms find during their time there?

Report Status: Finished and Online!

Torre Abbey
Investigated: March 18th, 2009
Hidden Realms were lucky enough to have been granted permission to investigate the historic Torre Abbey. Last year we investigated the Spanish Barn which stands across from Torquay seafront (results above) and it proved to be a very interesting night. Joined by a psychic artist and given free roam of the entire building, what would we find during our stay...?

Report Status: Finished and Online!