Meet The Team

Every group needs a sceptic and that is Mike's role. He
has spent a lot of time extensively researching the traditional, the scientific and the psychological aspects of paranormal investigation and uses this knowledge during investigations (and at related discussions). He approachs the subject with a rational, unbiased approach and implements his technological mind in order to try and capture paranormal phenomena using scientific methods.

Mike is 25 and currently resides in Brixham and has had a strong and healthy interest in the paranormal for as long as he can remember. His other interests include music where he is a well-known singer across the local area. and webdesigning. Mike built and currently maintains the HR website.

Chris helps to locate interesting places for the team to go and investigate. She is sensitive to spirit and helps to identify 'active' areas along with Kim. She is able to communicate with spirit and is also proficient in the use of dowsing rods. She has worked with other Paranormal Groups and has always had an interest in proving the existence of the Paranormal.

Chris's interests also include the Faery Realm and she always enjoys walking on the moors and in woodland where she feels close to the Nature spirits. She is very aware of the 'old ways' and 'old magic' that resides in such places and is often inspired to write about them. She is also a fan of Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings'.

Pete's role in the team is to co-ordinate with Mike and Dennis regarding the filming and setup of cameras and equipment at allegedly haunted locations. Once the investigation is over all footage is taken by Pete so that it can be reviewed and processed accordingly. Pete would class himself as an 'aware/sensitive' and is currently training to become as good a psychic medium as he can. He is two years into it but feels that it is something that can never be fully learnt. The stage Pete is currently at is quite basic; he can feel and sense a few things but nothing major at the moment. Occasionally he picks up on very similar things to what Chris and Kim get, and when this happens he finds it very interesting.

Pete lives in Paignton. He was born in Devon and has lived here most of his life. He is currently employed by a well known mobile phone company in the south west. Pete enjoys gadgets and all things techical, especially video games. His interest in the paranormal has been strong for quite some time. He is rare scared and will venture into any location on his own. Like Chris, Pete is a fan of Lord of the Rings - just the films however, as he is far too lazy to read a book that big.

Kims's part in the group is to seek out places to investigate and to communicate with spirit on the investigations. Although Kim has mediumistic abilities she prefers to be known as a sensitive; she sees, hears and feels spirit. Kim has had this ability since childhood and has had many paranormal experiences. Kim offers the advice to Mike on particular hot-spots and active parts of a location where cameras should be set up for the best chance of capturing paranormal phenomenan.

Kim lives in Brixham and has always had a keen interest in the paranormal. She loves taking part in investigations and feels that being able to communicate with spirit is very enlightening. A lot of the time she's also shown the buildings original layout which is helpful in understanding what took place and where. A lot of the things she's shown by spirit is really strong, vivid and enables her to, at times, draw a particular building or place following an investigation. Kim also has a keen interest in Reiki Healing, and has done her first degree in healing.

Dennis and Betty
Dennis and Betty are presently completing Platform Mediumship studies with United Spiritualists which compliments their work within Hidden Realms. They are proud to work with "such brilliantly sensitive people".

Dennis and Betty met whilst pot holing on the Mendips, and have enjoyed quite a varied lifestyle since. Alongside working in the film industry in Europe and the USA, Dennis went on to make documentries in locations as diverse as Ethiopia and Alcatraz. Dennis has appeared in commercials (a French cab driver?) and has scripted and presented programmes for television alongside having regular slots with several radio stations. Dennis has devised marketing strategies for Nintendo and Konami in Europe and handled their corporate PR. Dennis and Betty do still enjoy their computer games, but don't mention 'Green Beret'! Their other hobbies include their grandchildren, flying and general aviation, Renne-le-Chateaux... if it makes your hair stand on end, you name it!

Duncan lives in Plymouth and has been investigating the paranormal for about 4 years now. It's something that he's been interested in for as long as he can remember. Duncan's role in the team includes helping Mike to set up the eqiupment so that the group can hopefully capture evidence of paranormal activity. Duncan has had a few paranormal experiences over the years and is able to sense spirit but also wants to get as much concrete proof as possible. He believes that there is a force out there that we are currently unable to understand.